Dryer duct cleaning is of the utmost importance in the upkeep and safety of your dryer equipment. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, you should clean your dryer vents annually at minimum.  Clogged dryer vent ducts cause your clothes dryer to operate inefficiently.  Many of our customers call after they have purchased a new dryer, incorrectly assuming that the poor performance of their previous machine was due to old age.  Fact is, a thorough cleaning of the unit and duct system may be all that is required to bring your clothes dryer back to peak efficiency, not to mention minimizing risk for a fire or carbon monoxide leaking into the home or business.  Why purchase new equipment when for a fraction of the cost, proper maintenance is all that is required.  The specialists at LintFighters are the dryer duct cleaning company of choice in Schaumburg and are only a phone call away.  Schedule service today at 944.LINT.911


With over 48 years combined experience as firefighters, the owners at LintFighters understand the many reasons dryer and vent maintenance are overlooked.  Maybe your run is too long or obstructed to work on with simple DIY tooling.  Many folks are just too busy or simply put, the duct is out of sight, so out of mind!  Call us for the most advanced technique and Rovac system with high powered vacuum and a rotating brush to tackle your job.  

LintFighters the Professional choice for your Dryer Duct Cleaning Company in Schaumburg.  Call LintFighters today - 844.LINT.911 regardless of the scope of your job, commercial or residential, we are happy to help.