5 Tips It's Time To Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

A burnt smell during operation

Firstly, discontinue use immediately!  Next, phone 844-LINT-911 and have the pros at LintFighters clean and inspect your drying system from tip to tip.  Lint is highly flammable and can begin to smolder before fully catching fire, thus the burnt smell you are experiencing.   


Your clothes or outside of unit become very hot while in use

If near the end of the cycle your clothing or the outside of the dryer cabinet are hot to the touch, it is likely your dryer vent has been restricted making the dryer retain more heat than is normal or safe.  This will reduce the life of your heating element and blower as well as raise your energy costs.


Drying cycles last longer than normal

The dryer works by heating the clothes to humidify the air in the tumbler then forcing that air out of the dryer vent duct.  Small amounts of the lint often remain in the duct never making it out.  The longer the run of the duct the harder it is to fully evacuate the duct resulting in a larger amount remaining behind.  Over time this accumulation grows and at some point restricts the airflow enough to increase drying times.  The longer the time the greater the occlusion!  Keep in mind, the more your dryer has to work, the more you increase the wear and tear reducing service time by as much as half!


The exterior vent is blocked by debris or flap won’t open

A great visual cue is a blocked exit for the vent duct.  A wire cage, flap, louvers or combination of these should be inspected often.  Not just for lint build up, but also for debris or damage caused by small animals looking for a warm place to nest.  This happens more often than one might think, so even with your annual professional cleaning and inspection, remember to check this out yourself periodically.


It’s been a year since your last cleaning

Standard dryer vents should be cleaned annually as suggested by fire safety professionals and most dryer manufacturers.  Longer duct runs may require more frequent service.  With professional service being so affordable, phone today or visit LintFighters.com/appointments to schedule and remember to save on your calendar for repeat every year.  Not only will your dryer last longer and be more efficient, but you will have peace of mind for your family’s safety.